How to Choose the Right Leather Belt for You

How to Choose the Right Leather Belt for You

It’s remarkable how a simple accessory like a belt can either make or break an outfit. We tend to notice if someone isn’t wearing a belt when they should be. We also pay attention to the aesthetic of someone’s belt. We notice if it complements what they are wearing or if it detracts from it. The belt is a subtle, highly practical piece of fashion that can’t be ignored.  

It’s not only a practical wardrobe piece, but it also presents a nice transition between your bottom half and top half. A superb leather belt is a good investment that stands the test of time, but what else should you consider when choosing a leather belt? Here are a few factors to keep in mind to choose the right leather belt for you.

It Feels as Good as it Looks

If your pants or skirt has belt loops, it’s always wise to wear a high-quality belt. The right belt makes you look more polished even if you don’t necessarily need it to hold up your trousers. The key is choosing a belt that not only looks good but feels comfortable around the waist and hips. Custom leather belts designed to conform to your curves are better than belts that don’t fit quite right or lead to tugging and pulling on the back of your pants. Belts that are straight and even some c-shaped belts aren’t going to fit the natural curves of your body. Choose a leather belt with a subtle s-shape curve and see if you don’t notice a better fit.  

It’s Durable and Timeless 

Premium full-grain, single-strap leather belts are a classic wardrobe staple. They get better with time and wear yet hold their quality. If you have worn-out belts that take away from your outfit instead of enhance it, it’s time to upgrade. Quality mexican leather belts can be worn in almost any situation. A belt with a timeless appeal never truly goes out of style—good craftsmanship and high-quality leather can last a lifetime. Durable, yet soft and supple, custom belts made with premium leather are as essential to your closet as T-shirts and jeans or pumps and a little black dress.

It Fits Your Lifestyle and Taste

Your leather belt preferences may be varied, depending on how you spend your spare time or where you work during the day. Most people need at least one black belt and one brown belt in their collection that can be easily styled with dress pants or jeans—or even be worn while horseback riding or hiking. If you choose only one leather belt to wear, make sure it’s a style and color that works well with your general clothing choices. Beyond the basics, you may want a skinny belt to go with certain dresses or skirts, or perhaps a statement belt with rivets that makes you feel like a million bucks every time you wear it. Your belts should speak authentically to your style and taste in accessories without compromising on quality or comfort.

About Embrazio

Embrazio is a leather accessories company that specializes in handcrafted, custom leather belts for men and women. The Boulder, Colorado-based company designs belts with a patented s-curve for a comfortable, flattering fit. Embrazio’s innovative design meets the needs of those with modern lifestyles and timelessly stylish taste in premium leather. Embrazio offers custom leather belts, handmade leather bags, wallets, phone holsters, and jewelry that features a mix of leather, metal, and pearls. Embrazio’s products are available in more than 200 boutiques and on the company’s website. 

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