Beauty Buzz Daily "Practical Yet Pretty: The Cross Body Bag"

Practical Yet Pretty:  The Cross Body Bag

Beauty Buzz Daily highlights the advantages of a Cross Body Bag in post  

"From Mila Kunis to Reese Witherspoon to Rachel Bilson, celebrities are spotting chic cross body bags slung nonchalantly across their chest."


Crossbody Bag Solutions for Large Chested Women 

For large chested women make sure that you’re carrying the bags slightly in front of you. This way the strap does not sink into your cleavage. Instead, the strap will gracefully cross in front of you.


Crossbody Bag Solutions for Women with Generous Hips

For women with hips carry the bag slightly in front of you, or slightly behind you. By carrying the bag this way, you can still enjoy the hands free capabilities that a cross body bag offers, but you won’t be adding any bulk to your hips.


Material Matters - Consider Leather

For instance, if you are a travelling business person and you use your bag a lot during your travels, you might want to go with a leather material because it is well-built and more durable.


Comfort - Consider the Feel

Comfort is incredibly important when you pick out a bag, as you will be carrying this around for most of the day.