Harper's Bazaar Top Bag Trend - Function for Mobile

Per Harper's Bazaar "High fashion is embracing tech—your post-modern clutches are now equipped for your iPhone 6." goo.gl/lrtZsH


Handbags Designed to Accommodate Mobile

The importance of quick and easy access to our smartphone is even being recognized by the big fashion houses.  In today's world your phone is the most frequently accessed item from your bag ... no question.  Access needs to be quick and easy.  Embrazio placed prime consideration on this need and offers in the Stretta, Media and Tasca bags a baroque leather lined "phone sleeve" built into the front exterior of the bag.  When you phone rings, you don't have to dig into your purse.  You can grab it instantly ... to answer on the first ring.  For the most secure carry, you can simply drop the phone into the larger zippered interior pocket.