Bigger on the Inside with Mackenzie at Kenzywho?

We are so excited that our bags have made their way into the Seattle fashion scene. One of our favorite fashion bloggers Mackenzie from Kenzywho? wrote about our bag recently and we are thrilled to hear her thoughts. She talks about the never-ending battle for every woman, the "not big enough or too big and everything gets lost" issue.. I know that I totally relate to this and the Media Crossbody is a great solution.  See her blog on the Embrazio Media here

Here are a few things she mentioned: "Most all of their products have all kinds of functional pockets, and they are all made of really soft, water-resistant leather".

And my person favorite quote..."Embrazio must have some sort of Time Lord technology in their purses though, because I swear it’s bigger on the inside. I can fit basically all my essentials in this purse, and I don’t feel like I’m compromising on convenience or anything."

Mackenzie, you are amazing and we are so glad you love your Media bag.

Check out the rest of her post and her beautiful blog here