Luxury Leather with Katherine Clemins at Bordeaux Blvd

We love it when our fashion loving friends try out our products and fall in love with them! That's when we know we are on the right track. All of our bags are prototyped repeatedly and tested by as many people as we can find. Only when we can't find any more improvements, does the bag get produced. 

Katherine Clemins, over at Bordeaux Blvd, had some really great things to say about our Savannah Clutch & Crossbody Bag.

She said, "You just feel like that brand understands you and your unique vibe" and "The quality of the leather and the product as a whole is very obvious when you carry it. I just know this clutch will last me a while."

Thanks for trying out our bag Katherine! So glad you love it! Check out what she said at here.