Matching Gifts and Moms: Tips on Finding the Right Gift this Mother’s Day

“Oh shoot, Mother’s Day is coming up and I’m on my back foot again as to what to get her!”

If you’re like us, this has almost become an annual mantra. The good news is we are giving you a heads up in plenty of time to pass over the normal, tired, flowers & candy and get a thoughtful gift that really matches your wonderful Mom.

Different Mom’s Need Different Gifts

Okay, so we don’t have time to do a full personality profile of every specific mom but, we really don’t have to. You know your mom and we’re betting she has more than enough dimensions and interests to fit into one of the four broad categories we’ve playfully named as follows:

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Within the 4 categories, we’ve whittled our selections down to the two best gifts (at least from our point of view) for each type of Mom. Hope you can find something that fits, is fun, and fully delights that very special Mom of yours. Here’s a bit more detail and where you can go to buy each item online:

The Cook

This mom’s love language is filling you up with all the tasty goodness she can conjure up in the kitchen.

  1. Qarbo Carbonator: 
    One popular item that still hasn’t made its way to many well used kitchens is the Qarbo Carbonator from Twenty39. This popular gadget is available on Amazon and perfect for turning wine into a spritzer or water into a refreshing fizzy delight.
  2. The Essential Cocktail Book: A Complete Guide to Modern Drinks with 150 Recipes
    So, mom’s great with the cooking but a little light on matching up just the right cocktail or specialty drink to pair with that fantastic meal.  The Essential Cocktail Book by Megan Krigbaum is one of the best bartender’s buddies we’ve seen in a long time.  She’ll love that you took her a bit out of her comfort zone but still linked to a favorite pastime.  If you’d like to enhance the gift a bit, buy the fixin’s for that first unusual libation and then watch the magic happen!  We found the hardcover version on Amazon for $17.99 so up scaling with some booze might make a bigger impression!
    essential cocktail handbook

The Nook

This mom loves to read, browse travel books, work puzzles and just curl up for some me time with anything that has pages (paper or electronic).

  1. This last holiday season, one of our fav books for moms in this quadrant was, and still is, The Book Of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu.   Two of our most famous contemporary humanitarians/spiritualists meet each other and spend a week exploring how we can find joy.  What a wonderful book for the mom who loves deep discussions and thoughtful discovery.  A hardcover copy can be purchased at Amazon for $22.49.
    the book of joy
  2. Leather Bound Journal: This warm and inviting home for her most private and insightful thoughts will be most welcomed as a meaningful gift that she’ll use daily. There are many to choose from but we love this handmade one from Galen Leather Co. You can find it in many different colors.
    leather bound journal

The Look

This mom understands and appreciates a well put together clothing ensemble.  She treasures unique small scale brands that offer items of style and quality.  Both of our favs for this category come from the same Boulder, CO based accessories company, Embrazio

  1. Pilar Triple Wrap Pearl and Mixed Metal Bracelet or Necklace This is really two pieces in one and it conveys an understated elegance in either configuration.  Available for $184, it comes with antique brass or antique silver metals and can be found at their website.
    pearl and metal necklace

  2. Revival Handmade Leather Backpack: We predict this premium leather small backpack will quickly become mom’s go to everyday bag. Lots of stitching detail, thoughtful functionality, and available in many colors. It can be yours for $249. She’ll soon find that, just as with her, it keeps getting better with age.
    handmade leather backpack

The Hook (as in "hooked" on gadgets)

We know, Hook isn’t the best name for this category but it’s the best we could find that rhymes with the others.  Anyway, this mom loves gadgets that make her life easier, more interesting, or just add a touch more fun.

  1. iPhone Cupholder: Especially good for moms on the go, this high quality, fits any size cupholder, iPhone insert for her car will be appreciated every time she starts her engine. Lots of models on the market but many are awkward, not flexible enough, or wear out quickly. We love this one from WeatherTech called CupFone with Extension.
    iphone cup holder
  2. Leatherman: So, who thinks only a man needs to have a nifty difty tool in his pocket? With this Skeletool from Leatherman, she’ll be ready to open, cut, peel, screw, or file damn near anything she runs into. Go Mom!

We sure hope you’ve found the right gift, or at least the right inspiration, from our selections above.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mom’s out there and for their kids who take the time to think through this year’s show of appreciation!

Scott Schaefer is co-founder of Embrazio, a leather accessories and jewelry manufacturer in Boulder, CO. Scott has been working in the leather industry for over 12 years with his wife and partner, Stephanie Boyles. Together, they have created many leather accessories as well as a patented a curved leather belt design that eliminates “gapping” and pulling in the back of your belt.