LATO Curved Leather Belts

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Color: Red

We redefined the belt when we created a subtle curved shape to conform with the natural contours of your body. The result is a more comfortable fit, more flattering look, and the elimination of that annoying gapping in the back of your pants.  You'll appreciate the added comfort and they'll just see a beautiful and slimming look.

All leather isn't made equal.  Our team in Leon, MX hand selects the hides used to make our belts and the colors we use are specifically formulated for Embrazio as is the custom Embrazio buckle.  You can also use your favorite custom buckles with the LATO by simply undoing two snaps that hold the buckle and keeper.


1 1/2" wide, available in 2" increments in sizes 30 - 38.  Some colors include sizes 40" and 42".

Sizing: measure an existing belt from the buckle bar (where the leather wraps the buckle) to the hole the belt is worn on and that should give you the size belt you should order.


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Product features

Patented curved belts

Embrazio belts are curved to follow the natural contours of your body. The result is a belt that fits on day one like you've been wearing it for years.

Product features

Available in 15 colors

Our signature handmade leather belt is available in 15 colors designed to compliment any look.

Product Features

Swappable buckles

Our buckles are swappale. That means you can stock up and change your look with your mood.

Product features

Full grain single strap premium leather

We searched the whole world to find the best leather for our belts. All Embrazio belts are handcrafted from premium top quality leather by artisans in Leon, Mexico.

Belt sizing instructions

Finding your fit is essential. Thankfully, we've put together a bulletproof guide to sizing up your handmade leather belt.

Embrazio Size Guide