LATO Curved Leather Belts

$ 92.00
Color: Red

We redefined the belt when we created a subtle curved shape to conform with the natural contours of your body. The result is a more comfortable fit, more flattering look, and the elimination of that annoying gapping in the back of your pants.  You'll appreciate the added comfort and they'll just see a beautiful and slimming look.

All leather isn't made equal.  Our team in Leon, MX hand selects the hides used to make our belts and the colors we use are specifically formulated for Embrazio as is the custom Embrazio buckle.  You can also use your favorite custom buckles with the LATO by simply undoing two snaps that hold the buckle and keeper.


1 1/2" wide, available in 2" increments in sizes 30 - 38.  Some colors include sizes 40" and 42".

Sizing: measure an existing belt from the buckle bar (where the leather wraps the buckle) to the hole the belt is worn on and that should give you the size belt you should order.


Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Ben L.
Can't Say Enough About My New Belt!

"As a man in my late 40s, I have owned numerous belts of all types over the years. So I never thought the appearance of a belt could leave me both surprised and intrigued. But, the wavy look of this belt when I took it out of the box made me quizzical at first, but once I got it on my body it was clear the intentional design is onto something. The curvature makes for a secure fit that follows the pattern of your waist/hips yet sits flat (once it is on, it has no appearance of being "wavy"). This design also creates less pull on the hole, meaning the luxury leather won't get tugged and break after some wear. I also was very happy with the look and feel of the material - the belt is made of high quality and sturdy leather - with that great fresh "leather smell"! I have the Burnished Brown and it's rugged yet can be dressed up or down. Goes great with jeans but I'd also wear it with a nice pair of slacks. I never thought I would start feeling an allegiance to a belt, but here I am. I plan to enjoy this one for years to come."

Ben L.

What a great review Ben. Thanks so much for letting us know your thoughts and we're just thrilled that you love your new belt! Much appreciated!


Scott & Stephanie

They're Beautiful!

My belts just arrived and they are BEAUTIFUL! I'll be sure to tell everyone I know about them.


Thanks so much for your review Lecia and we're thrilled you love your new belts. Taking the time to let us and others know means a ton to us. Much appreciated!


Scott & Stephanie

Love My New Leather Belts!

Dear Scott and Stephanie,

Got home this evening to my package from Embrazio. Thank you for the surprise buckle- it is exactly what I was looking for! I love both belts and the buckles; it’s so clever that you use snaps to change out the buckles so easily. I wish all my belts had that feature. I will be sure to tell my friends about your belts and your excellent customer service.

We're thrilled that you love your new handmade curved leather belts and so appreciative of you taking the time to write is lovely review! Thank you so much for your feedback and for your business with us. All the best, Scott & Stephanie

“THE” best belt a girl could want

I’ve been looking for a curved belt for a LONG time. I have a leather belt that eventually curved, but it took years. By the time it had all the right curves, it looked pretty ragged and had to be replaced. To my surprise Embrazio was the only company that carried curved leather belts so I had to order it!
I just received the belt (black w/standard buckle) and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I would have given this rating 5+ stars, but it really was more money than what I would pay for a pair of shoes, let alone a belt. All together, after shipping ($61 CAD) and import charges ($24.28) it was over $210!

Hi Clare, Thanks so much for your very kind review and we're thrilled that you love your belt. Like you, we're very frustrated at the crazy high cost of shipping to Canada. Adding $over $85 Canadian dollars for customs and shipping is nuts. We have worked with people in the past who know someone they trust traveling to/from Canada who purchases from us in the US and then carries the item back without incurring heavy shipping and customs charges. Anyway, thank you so much for your business with us and we look forward to hopefully serving you again in the future. All the best, Scott and Stephanie

Carol Smith
Best Belt Ever!

I love my Embrazio belts! This is my fourth one! They are by far the most comfortable belts with the curve. I love that I can change out the belt buckle with some of my buckles that I’ve collected over the years. The leather is top notch too!

Carol, So happy you love your belts! Thank you so much for your business and for taking the time to write us this very kind review!

All the best,

Scott & Stephanie

Product features

Patented curved belts

Embrazio belts are curved to follow the natural contours of your body. The result is a belt that fits on day one like you've been wearing it for years.

Product features

Available in 15 colors

Our signature handmade leather belt is available in 15 colors designed to compliment any look.

Product Features

Swappable buckles

Our buckles are swappale. That means you can stock up and change your look with your mood.

Product features

Full grain single strap premium leather

We searched the whole world to find the best leather for our belts. All Embrazio belts are handcrafted from premium top quality leather by artisans in Leon, Mexico.

Belt sizing instructions

Finding your fit is essential. Thankfully, we've put together a bulletproof guide to sizing up your handmade leather belt.

Embrazio Size Guide